World of Mamoko

World of Mamoko series

Once upon a time in a land of Akuku there was a charming little town called “Mamoko”. Everyone is welcome to meet its inhabitants and discover what has happened to them. Find out whom detective Simon is following, why Philip is so much in a hurry and what occurred to Olaf. Use your eyes and discover many more characters and hidden objects. Discover surprising connections between the stories in different books and unravel the detailed world of Mamoko.

The word “Mamoko” is a play-on-words in Polish language. “Mam” means “I have” and “oko” means “eye”. So the literal translation of polish edition of the first book is: „The City of I Have an Eye”. We had a hard time figuring title of the first book and Ewelina Godlewska-Byliniak saved us with this brilliant idea. The word “Mamoko” sounds good enough in other languages so most foreign publishers kept it for their titles. Also I’m not sure if they know that it has a meaning.